PAM-Series    Three-phase Phase Analyzer

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    Product Features :
  • It simultaneously contains phase meter, and phase sequence meter function. It is suitable for
    two-phase / three-phase phase angle, and phase sequence measurement..
  • Voltage ranges automatic shift; high-speed shift
  • True RMS measurement; distorted waveform can be measured.
  • Close Case Calibration, No V.R., calibrated by software, high stability, Long calibration interval.
  • Four kinds of measurement parameters: DEG , V , Hz , Phase Order.
  • 6 voltage ranges, automatic shift function.
  • Four windows display, 5 digits, also shows three kinds of test values simultaneously.
  • The maximum resolution of frequency measurement is 0.001Hz.
  • Fast response. The update rate of each function is More than 3 times per second.
  • Last panel set can be memorized.
  • It provides RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces. The RS-485 can be linked up to maximum 245 units, and its connecting distance can be up to 1000M.
  • RS-232 and RS-485 as standard interface. The baud rate can be up to 230K bps.
  • Optional GPIB interface, GPIB interface commands are compatible with SCPI.

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