Wide Range Programmable DC Power Supply(CV , CC , CP)

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    DSP-WR series obtains 91 patents from several countries up to September 2018
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    Input & Output
  • All Wide Range characteristics; AC mains 180~460V, DC output 0~80V/540A to 0~1500V/30A.
  • 3-phase input possible with all models including 5kW unit. Identical phase current keep the 3-phase AC mains balanced. Meets worldwide power distribution regulation.
  • Output power 5kW , 10kW , 15kW total 19 models.
  • Built-in patented Synchronizing circuitry, easy to integrate 100 units to form a 1500kW power supply.
  • Active power factor correction, PF>0.99(480V input).
  • Efficiency >95%+. (*2)
  • MHz switching frequency(15kW), extremely low output ripple and noise low. (*3)
  • Multiple 32 bit ARM Based embedded system, fast boot time of 10 seconds or less.
  • Use wide Band Gap power semiconductors such as SiC MOSFET SBD. Result in better performance, higher efficiency at lower temperature.
  • Adjustable output voltage, current and power.
  • Constant Voltage(CV), Constant Current(CC) and Constant Power(CP).
  • CV. CC. or CP working priority setting.
  • Provide True RMS current and True Watt readings.
  • All models equip with auto-discharge circuit, discharge voltage to safe range within 10 sec. after output off.
  • 18 bit DAC for Setting and 24 bit ADC for Measurement.
  • Two kind of output mode; output directly by adjustment or after confirmation.
  • 5" touch screen, 3 definable background colors, 3 spin knobs with tactile switch plus 2 buttons provide a excellent intuition operational experience.
  • Patented Multi-function HOME/RETURN key.
  • Patented "output-switch control system" output ON/OFF button, only output when both switches are triggered. Provide extra layer of safety.
  • Three sets of settings can be stored and recalled from the front panel.
  • Free software provides control and sequence data setting.
  • Data logging with timestamp.
  • Intelligent stepless speed controlled fans reduce acoustic noise and keep system temperature low.
  • Built-in auto discharge circuit, discharge safely within 10 seconds.
  • Programmable output ramp up and ramp down protecting the device under test.
  • User definable power ON mode (LAST/OFF).
  • Internal resistance simulation.
  • Programmable over voltage protection and over current protection.
  • Close case firmware upgrade with enhance protection design ensure successful system upgrade.
  • Up to 8000 sets of V/A/W data storage possible with time resolution of 1ms.
  • Built-in RTC, time is still reliable even when disconnected from time server.
  • Customize time synchronization server possible.
  • Remote sense functionality compensation voltage up to 5V.
  • CE approved.
  • Filled Transport Packages approved.
  • Vibration Test approved.
  • Built-in 2 LAN(LXI) ports minimize wiring and reduce network complexity.
  • Multi-purposed slot for optional interface, GPIB/Serial Port/Isolated Analog.
  • Fast response(3ms) LXI approved LAN interface.
  • Support SCPI commands.
  • Provide IVI-COM driver.
  • Alarm signal output and Interlock mechanism prevent possible injury.
  • Optional isolated analog programming port, 0~5V or 0~10V for setting and monitoring output V/A/W.
  • USB hotplug port provides easy data accessibility. (*4)
  • Provided Graphical connection control program.(Download)
  • Easy comparision between wide range and traditional DC power supply with cumtomized program. (Download)

*1: The ratio varies by model.
*2: The efficiency varies by model and input voltage.
*3: MHz switching frequency on selective models.
*4: USB2.0 flash driver format to FAT16(2GB) / FAT32(32GB).


Markets and Applications
  • Aerospace and Satellite Test
  • Semiconductor Equipments
  • Solar Cell/Array Application
  • DC to DC Convertors
  • DC to AC Invertors
  • Contact/Connector Testing
  • Battery Testing
  • Vehicle Electronics
  • LED Testing
  • Lighting
  • Telecom and IT Industries
  • Automated Test Equipment
  • Factory Automation
  • Sputtering and Coating
  • Chemical Treatment
  • Water Purification
  • Heat Processing
  • QC Testing
  • Electronic Anti-rust
  • New Energy R&D

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