Wide Range Programmable DC Power Supply(CV , CC , CP)

3u dc power

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    DSP-WR series obtains 80 patents from several countries up to September 2017
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    Input & Output
  • Wide Range Output offering 3 times Maximum Current than Conventional Rectangle Power Supply
  • 3U Height, Output Voltage from 0~80V to 0~1500V, Output Current from 0~30A to 0~540A
  • 3ø 180~460VAC, 47~63Hz Universal Input
  • Programmable CC, CV, CP, OVP, OCP and OPP
  • All Models Perform by Identical Phase Current Securing AC Mains Balance
  • Output Power 5kW, 10kW, 15kW in Total 18 Models
  • Optional 10 Units Rack and Power Distributor, easy to form a flexible 150kW Power System, up to 750kW by Paralleling 5 Cabinet
  • PF > 0.95, active power factor correction
  • Efficiency > 95%.
  • With Multi-phase Interleave Technique, MHz Switching Frequency(15kW) Results in Fast Transient Response and Low Ripple and noise
  • Embedded System with Multi 32 bit ARM Base CPU, the Unit is Ready for Use within 10 Seconds after Powering Up
  • Wide Band Gap SiC MOSFET Based leads to High Efficiency and Low Temperature
  • 5 Digits of Voltage & Current Display, 1mV and 1mA Resolution
  • True RMS Current and Watt Measurement
  • Build in Active Discharge Circuit and Freewheel Diode
  • Equipped with 18 bit DAC for Setting and 24 bit ADC for Measuring
  • Non-gap stacking, no ventilation holes at the cover and bottom plate of the power supply.
  • Uses speed controlled fan (12cm), dissipates the heat efficiently.
  • Upgrading firmware without opening the case, the unit will never become a brick even failed of upgrade.
  • Safely operation with Inter-lock function.
  • Large-size touchscreen, various operating modes, independent V & A knobs for quick adjustment.
  • 5 digits of voltage & current display, resolution 1mV / 1mA.
  • Three sets of memories can be stored and recalled in the front panel.
  • Up to 8000 sets of programmed memories those combined by V/A/W/Time can be stored, min. time 1mS.


Markets and Applications
Aerospace and Satellite Test Water Purification    
Telecom and IT Industry Heat Processing    
Automated Test Equipment Chemical Processing    
Factory Automation Semiconductor Manufacturing    
QC Testing Battery Charging and Testing    
Burn-in Electroplating , Sputtering and Coating    
Solar Application New Energy R&D    

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