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  DSP-WR Series
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  Maximum Voltage vs. Maximum Current
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Optional :
  What is "Wide Range DC Power Supply"?
  CV/CC/CP Priority
  Internal Resistance Simulation
  Adjustable ramp up/down
  Master/Slave control

  Diode, Laser Diode, LED, Power Chip Testing
  Lead Acid /Lithium Battery Testing
  ATE Integration
  Electric/Hybrid Vehicle and General Motor Testing
  Power Conditioning of Solar Array and Fuel Cell Testing
  Expansion the current capacity
What is "Wide Range DC Power Supply"?

What is "Wide Range DC Power Supply"?
Wide Range DC Power Supply delivers excellent flexibility and capability by providing versatile current and voltage associations in completed full power range.
Refer to diagrams below, right side is the characteristic of a conventional rectangle 80V/15KW DC power supply, the maximum current stays at 188A even if voltage decreasing. Left side is the characteristic of iDRC DSP80-540WR Wide Range DC Power Supply, along with voltage decreasing, the output current may extend to 540A.

Power Range of a Wide Range 80V/15KW DCPS


Power Range of a Conventional Rectangle 80V/15KW DCPS




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