DSP-WR Series :
  DSP-WR Series
  Optional Interface
  Maximum Voltage vs. Maximum Current
  Model Quick Reference




Optional :
  What is "Wide Range DC Power Supply"?
  CV/CC/CP Priority
  Internal Resistance Simulation
  Adjustable ramp up/down
  Master/Slave control

  Diode, Laser Diode, LED, Power Chip Testing
  Lead Acid /Lithium Battery Testing
  ATE Integration
  Electric/Hybrid Vehicle and General Motor Testing
  Power Conditioning of Solar Array and Fuel Cell Testing
  Expansion the current capacity
Model Quick Reference


Model Numbering :  
     DSP     xxxxV    -   xxxxA     Wxx    (1) DSP : Programmable DC power supply
       (1)         (2)             (3)         (4)  

(2) xxxxV: Maximum Output Voltage, ex. 80, 500, or 1500

(3) xxxxA : Maximum Output Current, ex. 540, 90 or 30
(4) Wxx : there are 6 models as follows:
      WR : Model with CV, CC and CP control
      WE : Model with CV and CC control
      WS : Solar Array Simulator
      WA : Salve of WR, blank panel
      WAe : Slave of WE, blank panel
      WAs : Slave of WS, blank panel




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