DSP-HR Series   CE
Switching Programmable DC Power Supply

1u dc power

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  • Up to 52 models: 6V~600V/1A~400A are available for selection.
  • 5 digits of current and voltage meter.
  • Max. output current up to 2000A (5 units in parallel).
  • Switching mode, high density, and convenience for installation to 19” rack,
  • 750W in 1U half width, 1.5kW in 1U/2UH, 3kW in 2U height.
  • Non-gap stacking, no ventilation holes at the cover and bottom plate of the power supply.
  • Universal Input Voltage 1U / 1UH / 2UH :100-240Vac,50/60Hz, 1P2W+GND continuous operation.
                                             2U :190-240Vac,50/60Hz, 1P2W+GND continuous operation.
  • Constant Voltage / Constant Current with automatic crossover.
  • IDRC DSP Series 1U Programmable DC Power Supply uses digitalized design :
    • High resolution of D/A (16 bits)setting output Voltage & Current,
    • High resolution of A/D (24 bits H.W.) measurement output Voltage & Current.
  • Up to 5 units in parallel and 2 units in series, equipped with active current sharing.
  • Active power factor correction.
  • The interleaved control technique lowered the ripple and noise. In addition shorten the transient response.
  • Complete Protection : OVP, OCP,OTP.
  • Definable output voltage ramp up and down with adjustable time.
  • DSP-HR Series can store 16 sets of memories; memories can be recalled manually in front panel or by external recall control.
  • Last setting retainable upon next power on.
  • KEY LOCK setting.
  • Embedded 3 RISC Micro-Controllers.
  • Built-in remote sensing with max. 5V compensation
  • Standard LXI and Isolation RS-485 Interface, optional GPIB interface.
  • RS-485 baud rate up to 115200 bps
  • GPIB are compatible with SCPI.
  • Provide IVI-COM driver, support SCPI commands.
  • Analog Programming and Monitoring.
  • Modularized design to shorten lead time and improve reliability.
  • Speed-Controlled Fan
  • DC Output ON / OFF Switch.
  • LXI approved
  • CE approved
  • Filled Transport Packages approved
  • Vibration Test approved

Markets and Applications
Aerospace and Satellite Test Water Purification    
Telecom and IT Industry Heat Processing    
Automated Test Equipment Chemical Processing    
Factory Automation Semiconductor Manufacturing    
QC Testing Battery Charging and Testing    
Burn-in Electroplating , Sputtering and Coating    
Solar Application New Energy R&D    

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