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        IDRC always adheres to high reliability and stability and has decades of experiences of producing high capacity
powersupply (up to 300kW) for laboratory/production purpose.In response to industry needs and solving the problems
that ourcustomers have met when using short-arc lamps, we have specifically developed.
CXP Series - Xenon Power Supply
    Product Features :
  • Specialized power source for short arc lamp, i.e., Xenon lamp, and Xenon-Mercury lamp.
  • Applicable for: (1) PCB exposure machine / semiconductor exposure,
                          (2) sunlight aging test
                          (3) digital cinema projector
                          (4) solar power system development.
  • Standard models: 5kW , 6kW , 8kW , 10kW , 20kW.
  • Built-in REI CIRCUIT, which can efficiently reduce electromagnetic interfere to other equipments.
  • Multi-protection mechanism assures the lamp to run at the best condition.
  • Applicable to all major brands of Xenon lamps such as USHIO, OSRAM, and YUMEX.
  • Contains multi-stage filter with the lowest ripple noise to ensure the life of the lamp.
  • Optional digital or analog interface (such as: with PLC connection¡Ketc)
  • Available accessories/ wiring between the power supply to the lamp (such as: High-voltage starter¡Ketc)
    Product Guarantee :
  • CXP series products are all made by high-reliable components (such as: using NCC's Electrolytic Capacitor, SMT
    for Control panel) and have been tested rigorously.
  • iDRC uses full range of equipments, such as high-end digital oscilloscopes, high voltage probes, current probes
    and so on, which can measure all the processes from ignition to stability.
  • Over the years, hundreds of units have been performed and run stably around the world.
  • There are service offices both in Taiwan and Mainland China, where we can provide you immediate services.
IDRC CXP series is applicable for :
   Digital Cinema Projectors
    Exposure Equipment
cinema projector
  • Applies to 2Kx1K, 4Kx2K, and 8Kx4K projectors that are constituted by Ti DLP (e.g.: Barco, Christie, NEC) or LCOS (e.g.: JVC, SONY).
  • Applies to PCB exposure machine ((short arc) collimate) or semiconductor exposure device power
   Sunlight Aging Test
   Solar Simulated
Solar simulation
Solar simulation
  • The light aging test of the industrial materials and products

  • The development and testing of solar energy component (such as: solar energy industry, solar panels on telecommunication satellites)

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