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  Power and Harmonic Analyzer >> CP-268 -- MULTI-RANGE POWER METER
  GPIB optional RS485 standard
  • IDRC CP-268 Series multi-range power meter Watt resolution up to 0.01mW at 150V/300V range
  • Multi ranges to be best solution for component test.
    • 9 Voltage ranges from 1.5V, 3V, 6V ~ 600V;
    • 15 current with a powerful internal sensor measurement function, all the current ranges from 1mA, 2mA, 5mA ~ 50A(CP-268-5),connected in single terminal, without switching terminals or addition external sensors (45 ~ 65Hz).
    • 135 watt ranges .(CP-268-5), widely measurement range from “standby power” to 30kW, meet the requirement of ENERGY STAR.
  • Proper for low capacity rectification load, the accuracy will not deviate even when PF=0.1
  • True RMS voltage, current measure, auto/manual range.
  • Frequency resolution 0.001Hz.
  • All digitized type.
  • Close case calibration, no adjust, soft calibration, high stability, long interval between two calibrations.
  • IDRC CP-268 Series multi-range power meter seven measure parameter: V, A, W, PF, VA, VAR, Hz
  • Bi-directional active power measurement
  • Peak current over range indication.
  • Current phase lead or lag indication
  • 4 screens display , 4 test values at same time, all function refresh rate is 5 times/sec.
  • Last panel set memory.
  • Build-in RS-485 interface, baud rate up to 115K bps
  • GPIB SCPI compatible (optional)
  • CE approved

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