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CHYNG HONG ELECTRONIC CO., LTD. ( IDRC ) was established in 1986. We focus on developing the optimum test and
measurement instruments for power electronics. We also insist on using the best stability, accuracy and quality
strategy to provide the greatest performance and reasonable price to all of our clients.

To provide standard and customized test and measurement instruments for all of our customers, we not only have
equipped our R&D and Production & Service Departments with the most up-to-date equipments, but also put large
investment in research and R & D development to ensure all of our products to meet the highest standards.

Our great effort on making or improving our products with high technology makes all of our products have been
widely used and accepted in the worldwide market. Meanwhile, we also have got More than 30 patents of the USA,
European Union, China and Taiwan. We believe that we can provide you the advanced, reliable test equipment
and software support to meet your needs.

Our major customers as follows :

The Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan R.O.C.

Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology,

ChungHwa Telecom  /  EVA AIR  /  TransAsia Airways,

Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation,

Universities in Taiwan: NTU, NTHU, NCTU, NCKU, NSYSU, NCU, TKU, FCU...etc.

Delta Electronics Inc.  /  Philips  /  Phoenixtec Power Co.,Ltd ,

Matsushita Electric (TAIWAN) Co., Ltd  /  TATUNG  /  Kinpo Electronics Inc.

Mitac International Corporation  /  Wintek Corporation

Sanyo Electronic (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.  /  Canon Inc. Taiwan.

Mobiletron Electronics Co., Ltd.  /  ADI Communication Corp. ....etc.





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