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Ordering Information
  • Standard configuration includes I/O media for basic Tray-in and Tray-out operation. One JEDEC standard tray and two small plates for vision and programming rejects are provided. Any other I/O media and appropriate programming module from optional accessories should be ordered separately. Appropriately stocking some device sockets for spare is recommended.
  • TB-IN-xxxxxx (xxxxxx: package type): Tube input medium
  • TB-OUT-xxxxxx (xxxxxx: package type): Tube output medium
  • TP-IN-xxmm (xx: tape width): Tape input medium
  • TP-OUT-xxmm (xx: tape width): Tape output medium
  • Dual-Tray Conversion Kit: Accessories for packing conversion between tray and tube/tape.
  • Inject Printer: External unit for marking of tape-out units.
  • Programming Module: Please contact HI-LO sales for appropriate P/N and effective site # of programming modules.
  • Device Sockets: Consuming parts. Preparing stock for replacement is strongly recommended

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