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Features & Benefits
  • Excellent performance - The system can operate a variety of input and output options with tray, tube and tape thus provides programming, marking and packing conversion for most of IC products on/in tray, tube and tape.
  • Intelligent operation - Automatic pick & place operation in sequence of loading / positioning / programming / sorting / marking (work with external printer) / unloading with powerful software control.
  • Efficient programming - Being built in the new generation programmer, ALL-100, which is designed with high speed CPU, built-in FPGA, high capacity pin drivers and USB interface, thus providing a high speed, low noise, stable and reliable programming platform.
  • Optional marking - Working with external printer, system provides IC dot / checksum marking before taping.
  • Flexible packing conversion - Offer IC packing conversion between tray, tube and tape through fast change-over tray / tube / tape loader / unloader installed to the working platform.
  • Accurate positioning - Being equipped with two precise CCD. One fixed, upward CCD for IC positioning while the other carried, downward CCD for sockets / pick & place spots positioning.
  • Multi-site programming - Up to 4 sets / 32 sites can program simultaneously, thus minimizing handler idle time when programming high density memory devices.
  • High throughput - 1,000 UPH @ zero programming time. 3.6 sec/unit handler index time.
  • Minimizing setup change - Universal pin driver design makes socket module universal for various product types with same package, thus minimizing setup change when switching product types for programming. If it comes with the same package, no any hardware change is needed. If package is different, only need a simple pull-plug for socket module replacement.
  • Fast change-over and easy maintenance - Power-on self diagnostics available. Module design allows easy maintenance, repair and replacement as well as fast change-over between I/O media.
  • Powerful operation software - Both setup data and test results are automatically saved for next power-on operation as well as for quality / yield traceability. Graphical user interface makes it easy to access.
  • Compact size - Only 800mm(W) x 900mm(D) x 1200mm(H) in dimension for base unit. Providing optimum production space.

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