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AC Current Clamp Adaptors Model 8104

The Model 8104 is clamp-on AC current to
voltage transducersthat permit your digital
multimeters or recorders to measure
AC current up to 3000A.

The model is available for different application
needs,depending on a current to be measured
and the size of a current carrying conductor.

Specifications (at -13℃to +33℃, 85% relative humidity maximum 45Hz to 65Hz frequency)
Measuring Ranges 0 - 30/150/300/1500/3000A AC
Rated Output 0 - 150mV AC for all ranges
Accuracy ±2% of rated output for 0 – 300A±4% of rated output for 1500 –3000A
Operating Temperature & Humidity -10℃ to +50℃, 85% relative humidity maximum
Measurement Time Continuous for all range at an ambient temperature of+30℃ maximum
Output Cord 5m long, terminated with 4mm-dia banana plug
Output Polarity When DC current flows from the upside to theUnderside of the clamp, the red banana plug is positive.
Dimensions 310(L) x 150(W) x 29(D) mm
Weight 950g approx.
Conductor Size 100 mm
Operation (For use with a clamp on AC current recorder refer to operating instructions supplied with it)
  1.  With the output cord of the clamp adaptor connected to a digital miltimeter (AC voltmeter)
     having a minimum input impedance of 100kΩ, set the clamp adaptor range switch to the  
     highest range and the digital multimeter range to 200mV AC or 2V AC.
  2. Press the adaptor jaw trigger to open the transformer jaw and clamp on an AC current
    carrying conductor. Take the multimeter reading in amperes directly or multiply it by a proper
    factor. Where input is a smaller current, change the adaptor range switch position for lower
Adaptor Range Output Voltage DMM Reading AC Current Measured

How to Interpret reading

6A 150mV 100mV or .0100V 4A Multiply by 0.04 or 40.
15A 150mV 100mV or .0100V 10A Multiply by 0.1 or 100.
30A 150mV 100mV or .0100V 20A Multiply by 0.2 or 200.
60A 150mV 100mV or .0100V 40A Multiply by 0.4 or 400.
150A 150mV 100mV or .0100V  100A Read directlyOr multiply by 1000.
300A 150mV 100mV or .0100V  200A Multiply by 2 or 2000.
1500A 150mV 100mV or .0100V  1000A Multiply by 10 or 10000.
3000A 150mV 100mV or .0100V  2000A Multiply by 20 or 20000.

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