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可程式 4 象限電源供應器

1u dc power

      直流電源產品 >> 可程式 4 象限電源供應器

Solar Device Testing.
The Kepco BOP 1KW provides a one-step solution for test and characterization of solar cells and solar panels: see Kepco Applicaton Note "Using Kepco BOP 1KW for Solar Device Testing". A free LabView subvi allows rapid characterization of the solar device using only the BOP 1KW, eliminating the need for separate DVMs to measure voltage and current. The subvi is designed for both I-V Trace and Dark I-V testing, and can be plugged in or easily adapted to existing LabView test applications. Units with firmware version below 3.05 (find Firmware Version) can be upgraded to have this capability with Upgrade Kit 219-0533.

BOP are CE Marked per the Low Voltage Directive (LVD), EN61010-1 in accordance with the Conditions of Conformance.



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